Change happens it's what you do with it that matters

The Seeds of Change team help organisations to change, adapt and grow. We offer a range of engaging, cost effective resources and training and development solutions on a variety of subjects depending on your specific need, including;


- Empowerment for wellbeing

- Leading through change,

- Impactful conversations and actions, 

- Building personal and organisational resilience.

- Mentoring and coaching


Here's a snap shot of what we do contact us to find out more and lets start making a positive difference today.  

  • We offer a range of training & development solutions, including;

    · Bite size taster and refresher sessions

    · Interactive training skills workshops ·


    - Train the facilitator / advocate sessions

    · Facilitator kit of resources

    · 1-1 skills coaching face to face or online

    · Signposting and support materials

    Training & Development that makes a lasting difference 

  • Our Thrive approach is an interactive, engaging staff development product that promotes wellbeing and building resilience from the inside out and enables staff to feel valued and supported.


    Thrive products, resources & support can be used to aid and support any staff member providing valuable ‘time out to reflect, to feel a greater sense of empowerment and control over their own life and wellbeing’.


    Thrive takes a holistic approach to wellbeing that can be broken down into bite size chunks and themes that can be facilitated by ‘Seeds of Change’.


    We cover a range of themes including;

    - building emotional resilience,

    - self -care, managing emotions,

    - communicating healthily,

    - emotional intelligence,

    - mindsets,

    - values and boundaries,

    - actions for the future,

    - seeking out support.


    Why survive when you can Thrive

  • Our Align approach involves recognising values and practices that enable you to managing yourself, managing others, and take positive steps to embrace the future.

    Helping individuals and organisations going through any period of change. Ideal for Graduates, recently appointed managers, senior manger, staff facing redundancy, new initiatives, culture change. 

    Align helps to foster the leadership qualities, principles and actions of individuals to help them lead themselves and lead others through change.

    The approach looks at change on several levels and encourages individuals to seek alignment in their emotional, strategic and practical aspects of their lives in order to make change possible in a healthy, productive, inspired way.  

    To include things like:

    Emotional sphere

    • Growth mindsets

    • Building resilience & Self- care

    • Authenticity and getting to the heart of the matter

    • Values & building integrity


    Strategic sphere

    • Where are we now

    • Decision making

    • What’s on your horizon

    • Future proofing

    Practical sphere

    • What do we need to do

    • How do we do it

    • Maximising opportunities

    • Healthy impact

    Align & Optimise change

  • We offer a bespoke consultancy service, including undertaking an audit, gap analysis, offering a range of solutions and a support framework to help your organisation and people develop and grow. 


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