Meet the Team

Emma Linney 

Emma is a registered and licensed Guidance Practitioner with the Careers Development Institute and has been practicing as a Coach, Mentor and Career Guidance worker for over 16 years with a particular focus on personal growth, empowerment and helping people to achieve their potential. Over 16 years leading and managing empowerment and coaching programmes and managing cross-functional teams through re-structures and change. Emma loves music and is a singer song writer, its one of her passions, she is pretty good at it too - click here to listen to her latest track and find out where she is next gigging. 

Trina Roberts

Trina’s key strengths include her engaging style and her ability to nurture innovation, champion entrepreneurial thinking and spark a passion for learning and growth. Trina has hands on experience in people management and business development in private and public sectors and as a Business and Enterprise Lecturer inspiring individuals and organisations to achieve successful change, transformation and growth. Trina has been described as inspirational, one in a million, a life changer, and a good cook. Contact us to see for yourself. 

Rosemary Hooper

Rosemary has worked in education & training for over 20 years working most recently as Head of the Virtual school for Shropshire.  She has worked to support children in care and care leavers to engage and achieve.  She understands the role that educational settings have in supporting students with a diverse range of needs including Special Educational Needs.  She has experienced first hand how the Aspire programme which is a proactive student centred intervention has positively impacted on young people.  She is looking forward to sharing how the Aspire programme can support your students.

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Nicola, Aspire Mentor

Nicola is passionate about young people recognising their own abilities. To address any obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their goals and through the aspire journey grow in confidence and resilience. This will be carried out in a comfortable and considerate environment in order for the young person to get the most out of the programme and each session.  Nicola is also a careers lead in secondary education.

Clare, Aspire Mentor 

Clare has spent more than twenty years supporting and empowering young people to overcome adversity, to make positive choices, and to achieve their potential.


A commitment to promoting positive mental health and well-being under pins all her work with children and young people.

Nick, Aspire Mentor

Nick worked for the Fire Service as firefighter and officer in charge for 30 years and delivered on a number of intervention programmes, both within and outside of the Fire Service.


After retiring from the Fire Service Nick moved into youth and community work and has worked for a number of years on mentoring projects supporting young people to try and fulfil their potential.


The projects have ranged from using sport and volunteering as a positive diversionary activity to try and steer young people clear of the juvenile justice system to mentoring young people identified as potential NEETS through their transition from secondary education into 16-18 provision.

Nick gets an enormous amount of satisfaction from working with young people and recognises that what the majority may see as a small step of progress is in fact a massive step forward for the young person concerned.

Tina Peck, Team PA

Tina has worked in young people's services for many years and has an interest in health and well being, focusing on how sport can have a positive impact on mental & physical health.  Tina is also a triathlon coach and has worked with children, young people & adults on a voluntary basis for her local triathlon club. Professionally, she coaches adults one to one, writing training plans for athletes and helping them reach their sporting potential.