Emma Linney 

Emma is a registered and licensed Guidance Practitioner with the Careers Development Institute and has been practicing as a Coach, Mentor and Career Guidance worker for over 16 years with a particular focus on personal growth, empowerment and helping people to achieve their potential. Over 16 years leading and managing empowerment and coaching programmes and managing cross-functional teams through re-structures and change. Emma loves music and is a singer song writer, its one of her passions, she is pretty good at it too - click here to listen to her latest track and find out where she is next gigging. 

Trina Roberts

Trina’s key strengths include her engaging style and her ability to nurture innovation, champion entrepreneurial thinking and spark a passion for learning and growth. Trina has hands on experience in people management and business development in private and public sectors and as a Business and Enterprise Lecturer inspiring individuals and organisations to achieve successful change, transformation and growth. Trina has been described as inspirational, one in a million, a life changer, and a good cook. Contact us to see for yourself. 

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