Aspire Ambassador Package

Achieving Careers Excellence In Uncertain Times…


School closures have meant disruption in careers education, work experience and guidance provision.  There will be greater emphasis on Gatsby benchmark 1 (evidencing a stable careers programme) and how schools have responded to this disruption.  Our Aspire programme and resources are mapped to the Gatsby benchmarks, CDI framework of careers best practice and Ofsted requirements enabling you to show measurable outcomes, impact and in the current climate, your schools’ response to the covid disruption.

Buy in our Aspire ambassador package which includes a full resource pack, staff CPD and training so your staff can deliver sessions and utilise our engaging resources ‘in house’ time and time again.​

Aspire Ambassador Package Offer

  • Provides a framework and resources pack for staff to deliver sessions in school. 

  • Ideal for pastoral support staff, TAs and key workers. 

  • Includes a range of engaging card packs/resources, lesson plans and PDFs in physical and electronic form, a complimentary webinar on post 16 options that can be used for staff and parents. 

  • Training CPD for staff on the programme and ‘mentoring with impact’. 

  • This can be tailored to include our new SEND pack which is visual and can be used to directly feed into EHCP and PFA outcomes. 

  • Provides an Impact assessment and pupil profile summary to capture and show how the pupil has improved in a range of key areas: Attitude/self- awareness/purpose/information/resilience and empowerment.  

  • A license to deliver in schools for up to 4 staff that will become ‘Aspire Ambassadors’.  £2500 (plus £200 for the SEND toolkit)

  • A cost-effective investment in schools in response to the covid disruption. 

  • This programme can help you evidence Gatsby benchmarks: 1, 2, 3, 8. It evidences your response to the covid impact by adding value to your careers education, CPD for staff and a framework to measure impact and progress for each student. 

What the delegates are saying...

Fantastic course!

 Engaging and informative.  We can see where we can use this straight away with the students.  Thank you so much : )

Personalised and relevant to our needs.

Great resources - excited to use them!   Thank you