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Aspire Programmes ensure a person centred approach, supporting a young person to become more self-aware, empowered and able to make informed decisions about their future.  Creating a bridge between careers education and information advice and guidance.

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Aspire helps young people to develop self awareness about themselves by exploring their skills, super strengths, qualities, what is important to them, their aspirations, options, and pathways. Using visual resources, engaging tools and impact assessment Aspire develops accountability, self-management, decision making, empowering a young person to build resilience and take control of their future aspirations and self-development. 

Who is it aimed at?

Aimed at low or high achieving young people with low confidence / self-esteem who need that extra support to explore options and fulfil their potential.

Add value 

Add value to your careers and pastoral programme.  Our approach, tools and resources are

  • Engaging

  • Easily accessible

  • Action focused

  • Tools to offer deeper communication

  • Tools to offer meaningful discussions, reflections and change in a non-intrusive way

What young people are saying...

I feel more in control of my life & understand what really matters to me.  I made more informed choices.

I feel more excited about my future!