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Reach the Top

"Emma and Trina are exceptionally competent and confident in engaging young people who have barriers to engagement. The mix of presentation and collaborative work is skilfully delivered and received for the benefit of the young people and their learning"  I would highly recommend them for further training".


Rose Hooper, Head Teacher of the Shropshire Virtual School

“Trina uses her organisational development and coaching skills to help clients change culture, behaviour and practice to great effect…She has helped to transform teams who are now fully engaged, informed and trained”


Tim Smith, Head of Business Enterprise and Commercial Activity, Shropshire Council  

“Want to implement some of the techniques for sure, today!”

Sharon, Impactful conversations session delegate

“It's really got us all thinking. It's also given me a confidence boost in that it has highlighted that I have already been using some of these techniques in my practice without actively knowing it! Really cool.”

Jon, Impactful conversations session delegate