Individual Growth & Wellbeing

Take Stock, explore options, grow and lead an awesome, purposeful life.

Ignite the fire inside

Take stock, explore options, grow and lead an awesome, purposeful life.

  • Our Align programme invites you to reflect, discover what truly matters, what is holding you back and get clear on the changes you want in your life and the tools and strategies needed to make that happen. Through 1-1 online coaching & or a series of workshops and online options. 


    We typically cover things like:

    • Gaining perspective

    • Where are you now? 

    • Taking stock 

    • Exploring peaks, troughs & patterns

    • Commitment to change and grow

    • Growth mindsets

    • Building resilience

    • Reframing/ perspective and perception

    • Affirmations, cognitive dissonance

    • Dealing with fear, leap of faith

    • Finding inner compass  

    • Saying no & yes whole heartedly

    • Identifying skills, qualities & strengths 

    • Journey of discovery

  • We live with purpose and are happy to share our approach with you, here is a selection of what people have said...


    “Emma, thankyou so much for our session today, you really have inspired me to believe in myself.  I feel more confident and making more steps to express myself and make the changes that I need.”

    “Since working with Emma I found her belief in my abilities enabled me to take what was a scary leap into setting up my own business.  During this process she was able to shine a light on the beliefs that held me back from doing this before and assist me in working through this resistance.  Her ability to manifest and shape her own life and her generous sharing of how she has accomplished this enabled me to realise that this is something we all can do.  Now I’m self employed and enjoying a fulfilling work life and I am also able to give my self the time and space I need to continue blossoming.  I haven’t looked back!” 

A simple approach that works

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